2016 Amato Vino Bela

Region:Riverland , SA

Style:Light Bodied

Producer:Amato Vino

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Australia's only **Slankamenka Bela**. Interesting, delicious and one of a kind!

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Slankamenka Bela sure is a mouthful of a name and luckily it is a delicious mouthful of wine. For convenience sake, Amato Vino main man Brad Wehr has nick-named his unique offering "Bela". She's an ancient variety from the Balkans who has found a home, like so many other long forgotten grapes, on Ashley Ratcliff's estate at Ricca Terra Farms in the Riverlands. It's a delicious, full-flavoured and not all confronting in style. The initial 2015 release received some great reviews and Brad reckons the '16 is a step up again. Interesting, delicious and one of a kind!

What it Tastes Like

Stone fruits and some apple and nashi pear characters. Some soft citrus blossom notes and a whole lot of mouthfeel. There is a soft creaminess to the palate with makes it excessively drinkable. Yum.


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Amato Vino owner/winemaker Brad Wehr