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Peter Dredge is Dr. Edge. He is one of the most intuitive and talented winemakers on the Apple Isle.

With a wealth of experience garnered at wineries such as Bay of Fires, he has revitalised the Meadowbank label and returned it to its place as one of the must-watch vineyards in Tasmania.

A nominee for the Young Gun of Wine Awards in 2017 for his work at Meadowbank, Dr. Edge is his passion project, a place where he can feel free to take risks and make Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Riesling that truly excites him.

Only small batches all made by hand. The Dr. Edge creations are riveting things to drink.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
2023 Dr. Edge Tyrannosaurus dREDge Pinot Meunier
2023 Dr. Edge Tyrannosaurus dREDge Pinot MeunierTasmania
A fun and fruit-driven Pinot Meunier from Tassie that is clearly a wine and definitely not a dinosaur
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2 reviews
2023 Dr. Edge Ambrosia Schonburger Pinot Gris
2023 Dr. Edge Ambrosia Schonburger Pinot GrisTasmania
A blend of Pinot Gris and the uncommon Schonburger from Tassie, this is an amber wine which is as delicious as its name suggests
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2023 Dr. Edge Chardennui Chardonnay
2023 Dr. Edge Chardennui ChardonnayTasmania
Peter Dredge's "not so normal" Chardonnay - bright, approachable, and designed for those that love the variety, and those that don't!
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Highly Rated
2022 Dr. Edge Tasmania Chardonnay
2022 Dr. Edge Tasmania ChardonnayTasmania
Another home run from gun winemaker Peter Dredge. Scintillating small batch Chardonnay.
Sale price$60.00
1 review
2022 Dr. Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir
2022 Dr. Edge Tasmania Pinot NoirTasmania
Knock-out Pinot Noir from one of the most exciting winemakers in Tasmania.
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13 reviews
2021 Dr Edge Tasmania Riesling
2021 Dr Edge Tasmania RieslingTasmania
Tasmanian Riesling cut from a different cloth. Wild and scintillating, saline and oxidative. Natural Riesling goodness.
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2 reviews
2022 Dr. Ongo Pet Nat
2022 Dr. Ongo Pet NatTasmania
Micro-batch Pet-Nat from Tassie winemaking star Peter Dredge, based on Pinot Noir Rose. And all natural...
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3 reviews
2020 Dr. Edge South Riesling
2020 Dr. Edge South RieslingTasmania
The great southern Riesling from Dr Edge's trio of Rizza releases from his adopted home in Tasmania. Textural, herbal and fascinating.
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Dr. Edge Tasting Pack
Dr. Edge Tasting Pack
The three excellent 2022 Pinot Noirs from generational Tasmanian talent, Peter Dredge.
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$60.00 Per Bottle
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