Hottest Australian Wine Trends of 2024!

As we rock and roll into the year 2024, the dynamic landscape of Australian wine is evolving with exciting trends that promise a flavourful journey for all Aussie wine lovers.

In our latest YouTube video, we break down four of the hottest trends you should keep an eye on over this year!

Trend 1: Fancy F#@king Rose

Among the noteworthy shifts we've noticed over recent years is the rise of meticulously crafted rosé from top-quality Australian producers. Gone are the days when rosé was an afterthought; now, Australian winemakers are pushing boundaries, producing epic rosés that can rival global counterparts. The transformation of this once humble wine category into a serious contender signals a renaissance in winemaking.

One standout example is the Swinney Mourvèdre Rosé 2023 from the Frankland River in WA. Crafted with precision, it stands as a benchmark for Australian rosé, boasting a beautiful rose gold hue, a savoury and perfumed aromatic profile, and a palate depth that invites cellaring.

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Trend 2: Chilled Reds

Shifting gears to red wines, the scorching Australian summers demand a refreshing solution. Enter chilled reds, a category gaining momentum. No longer a mere afterthought, winemakers are deliberately creating wines meant to be enjoyed with a chill. Tom introduces the Lazy Sunday Red, a blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah from Adelaide Hills' Golden Child producer. This wine exemplifies the transition from traditional reds to bright, crunchy, and slippery reds, perfect for sipping in the summer heat.

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Chilled Reds


Trend 3: Artisan Cask Wine

The third trend dives into the realm of innovative packaging – box wines or "fancy goon." Brothers in a Box by the talent Koerner brothers (our Avant-Garde Producer of the Year for 2023) exemplifies this trend, offering high-quality wine from the Clare Valley. With an emphasis on sustainability and practicality, boxed wines are gaining traction, challenging perceptions and redefining the drinking experience.

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Trend 4: Exploring New Regions

With the escalating price of fruit in the blue chip wine regions of Australia, we expect to see unsung hero regions come to the forefront in 2024. Seeking affordable fruit, a new generation of winemakers are exploring lesser-known regions like Swan Valley, Gippsland, and Hilltops (just to name a few), producing outstanding wines with unique grape varieties. Expect to see regions like Langhorne Creek, the King & Alpine Valleys, Geograph and many otherds feature on the labels of some of your favourite producers this year.

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As we explore new grape varieties, Mencia emerges as a dark horse. Hailing from Spain and Portugal, Mencia, has found a home in Australia, especially in McLaren Vale. With its chameleon-like qualities, adapting to different climates and soil profiles, Mencia has the potential to be a big player over coming years on the Australian wine scene.

Grenache Blanc (& friends)


Closing the trends list is Grenache Blanc, a white variety bringing freshness and salinity to McLaren Vale whites. Originating from northeastern Spain but predominantly grown in France Rhone Valley, this grape has a profoundly promising future in Australia, offering a solution to the challenge of maintaining acidity in white wines in warm climates.

Looking ahead, the Australian wine landscape promises continued innovation, sustainability, and a renewed appreciation for diverse grape varieties. As winemakers explore new terroirs and consumers seek value and uniqueness, the Australian wine scene remains dynamic and full of exciting possibilities. Cheers to a year of exploration and enjoyment!

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