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Kathleen Quealy is part of the winemaking heart & soul of Mornington Peninsula.

The first person to plant Pinot Gris in Australia, Kathleen and her husband Kevin McCarthy launched T'Gallant winery in the 90s, pioneering this famous variety. But it was with Quealy Vineyards, based in Merricks North, with the winery and cellar door in the centre of the viticultural action, where they made their mark.

Kathleen has continued to innovate - along with PG, Quealy is renowned for super-interesting expressions of Muscat and Fruilano, experimenting with different degrees of skin contact and fermentation styles. Kathleen & Kevin's son Tom has now taken on the daily winemaking duties, with guidance from Mum and Dad and the wines have never looked better.

Kathleen is a true industry legend and one of the most visionary wine personalities on the Peninsula.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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2023 Quealy Musk Creek Pinot Gris
2023 Quealy Musk Creek Pinot GrisMornington Peninsula
A deliciously earthy Pinot Gris full of poise, from a late ripening vineyard in Mornington.
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2022 Quealy Turbul Friulano
2022 Quealy Turbul FriulanoMornington Peninsula
Stunningly complex orange wine from winemaker master Kathleen Quealy and her son, Tom.
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3 reviews
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2020 Quealy Lina Lool
2020 Quealy Lina LoolMornington Peninsula
A white of insane floral aromatics. An unusual blend of Friulano, Moscato Giallo, Riesling and Istriana from Mornington Peninsula.
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2022 Quealy Tussie Mussie Pinot Gris
2022 Quealy Tussie Mussie Pinot GrisMornington Peninsula
Luscious Mornington Pinot Gris with a surprising mineral backbone.
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