Don't Panic! Just Explore: The DD Guide to the Wine Galaxy

Strap yourselves in for a month of anarchic wine exploration with the DD Guide to the Wine Galaxy!

We're starting up our interstellar tour bus to visit all corners of the wine universe in helter-skelter fashion throughout the entire month of July.

So, what can you expect?
Well, we've got a whole lot lined up! 
We'll be breaking new ground, trying new things and we've even made up our own international wine days for some extra fun and excitement.

It's going to be jam-packed, filled with more wines, more offers, more rare releases and even some entertaining education along the way.

We've gone intergalactically wild to kick it off, with a special discount on many of our imported wine packs for the whole month! Find some revamped favourites like the Italian Red Bargains Pack or The French Rose Bargain Six - or explore something brand new from SicilyBurgundyAustriaSouth Africa and more!

Keep your eyes on this mother-blog for updates on each stop throughout the month, but most importantly, let your hair down and revel in the best wines the universe has to offer alongside us:

4th July - USA All the Way!
5th July - DD's International Portugal Isn't the Same as Spain Day!
7th July - DD's International Fried Chicken & Chablis Day!
9th July - DD's International Skinny Dipping & Skin Contact Wine Day!
12th July - DD's Spanish Siesta Appreciation Day!


And for any earth-dwelling Sydney-siders - or anyone who happens to be in Sydney - on Tuesday 26th July, get your tickets to our Artisans of the Wine Galaxy tasting at the Dolphin Hotel here. It promises to be one of the best tastings of the year with some of the rarest, most fascinating wines (and wine people!) that you'll find in one place.

Our guide to the galaxy starts now - don't panic! Just explore!


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