DD's Spanish Siesta Appreciation Day!

Who doesn't love a good snooze? A nice nap? A solid siesta?
Well today is your day of days, because it's DD's Spanish Siesta Appreciation Day!

To celebrate such a wonderful day in our wine calendar, we're highlighting some swanky Spanish wine brilliance; each one deserving of a long luncheon and some post-prandial chair-slumping.


To start us off, if there's any wine that has an afternoon siesta guaranteed it's a warm, comforting Rioja. It's the wine equivalent to sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold day. 

Some of our current favourites here at DD HQ include the bargain 2020 Bodegas Exopto Rioja Bozeto de Exopto, a lovely example of modern Rioja, or the premium 2012 Valenciso Rioja Reserva 10 Anos Despues, a layered and velvety wine that's rich without being heavy.

You can also splash out and grab one of our popular Explore Rioja Premium Packs to get three of the most luscious and elegant Riojan wines in one spot.

Add these to your winter wine rotation and shop Rioja here


If you're a fan of minerally and saline white wines of sheer class, though, we've just received some incredible dry whites from Andalusia in southern Spain.

They're made mostly from the Palomino grape, and we liken them to being the love-child of Chablis and Rheingau Riesling, conceived in a Sanlucar bodega.

Rare and exuding pure vibrance, some of them are flor-influenced but mostly, they just straight up rule. Try the entry-level 2021 Callejuela Blanco de Hornillos, a bright and sunny Palomino with a delicious umami edge. Or if you're no stranger to this incredible grape, jump straight in to the beautiful biodynamic offerings from Muchada-Leclapart - the 2019 Elixir Palomino Muscat or the 2019 Univers Palomino. Bright and fresh drinking at its finest.

Stocks are limited on these ones, so shop these beautiful wines here.


Our Spanking Spanish Reds Pack has also had a re-vamp in preparation for this monumental day. It's an easy way to taste through some of the best stuff that has hit Aussie shores from Spain recently, in both modern and traditional styles. 

It turns out that sometimes, if you snooze - you win!

Don't panic! Just explore and shop our Spanish Siesta collection here.



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