2020 Dr. Edge Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Release

To close out our epic Pinot Noir Week, we are thrilled to bring you the new 2020 offerings from two titans of Tasmanian Pinot Noir. The first comes from our 2020 DD Producer of the Year, Peter Dredge.

The Dr. Edge label is one of Tasmania's most-hunted. This year, stocks are set to sell out lightning quick with a tiny production. As Dredge told us so eloquently, "There's bugger all Pinot and Chardy this year... but plenty more things in the works..."

It's the elegant, ephemeral Pinot Noir that has built the rabid cult following that now pounces on each of his releases. That, and the blistering laser-like South Chardonnay which has set a different tone for ultra cool-climate Chardonnay in this country.

Sadly, there is only around 170 dozen of each wine for the 2020 harvest and none of the usual sub-regional offerings. It's one Pinot Noir and one Chardonnay. That's it.

Both wines are tightly wound from the long 2020 vintage - fine, detailed depictions of a cool place in a cooler-than-average year. They will develop beautifully in the bottle given a little patience.

Both have excellent reviews from the team at The Wine Front. Different Drop customers are among the first on the Australian mainland to be offered these two exquisite wines. We don't expect them to be available for long. Secure your allocations at the link below.




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