2020 Chatto Wines Pinot Noirs

Jim Chatto is widely regarded as one of the finest winemakers of his generation. His eponymous label, focused solely on capturing the diverse personalities of Tasmania Pinot Noir, has quickly become one of the most collectable labels on the Apple Isle.

There has been a slow expansion of the Chatto label, with new vineyards being gradually introduced to provide a point of comparison to the excellent estate-grown Chatto wines. This progression goes a step further in 2020.

With bushfires wiping out his own fruit in 2019, Jim brought on the Bird Vineyard and Marion's Vineyard Pinots to fill the gap. This year he has added the Glengarry Vineyard from the Tamar Valley in the north of Tasmania to the fold. Jim's come full circle in the 20 years since that first seminal release - Glengarry being the first parcel of Tasmanian Pinot Noir to make the debut Chatto Pinot Noir back in 2000, this great new addition completes the collection.

Today we offer you the three Growers Range of Single Vineyard wines alongside the excellent value 'White Label' Tasmanian blend.

Four Pinot Noirs from one of the very best in the game. If you've followed this label, you'll know the wines always disappear in a flash. Don't miss these exceptional small-batch cuveés from one of Australian wine's most decorated master craftsmen.




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