2019 Ravensworth Estate Release

Today we are pleased to offer you the new Estate releases from Bryan and Jocelyn Martin at Ravensworth. Bryan is very excited by these wines and so are we.

It's been an up and down twelve months for the Ravensworth label, with a complete write-off of their 2020 vintage due to fires in the area and then a scramble to find fruit from other pockets of the country. Friends came to the rescue, some great wines have emerged under the Long Way Around label, some of which will enter the Ravensworth fold on-going.

But these wines, the Estate wines, are the heart and soul of the Ravensworth brand. These are the wines grown by Bryan and Jocelyn's own hands, and the 2019s look absolutely sensational.


"It’s much richer than the previous year. Being so warm and dry there’s an added intensity. I do think it’s been one of the better years, obviously what followed was a different beast."

- Bryan Martin, winemaker on the 2019 Shiraz Viognier



The 2019 vintage was warm and dry in Murrumbateman, resulting in wines with another level of intensity than we have seen before from Ravensworth. The 2019 Shiraz Viognier, a tip of the cap to Cote Rotie whilst being staunchly regional in its style, is one of the best releases to date according to Bryan. It's dense, silky, intoxicatingly perfumed, it's a shining beacon of quality and value in modern Australian wine.


95 points

"A stellar wine on a stellar run. Superb. From first whiff to last sip. Beautiful perfume... gentle but an authority. Delicious, complex red. A feast for the sense. Excellent all up."

- Mike Bennie (The Wine Front) on the 2019 Shiraz Viognier



While the Nebbiolo and Sangiovese are paler in colour than the previous vintage, they are complex, beautifully savoury creatures that are true to variety. The Nebbiolo (though not Estate grown, is of equal quality) is gossamer-light and cheery - a spring breeze of a wine, both refreshing and nourishing to drink. The Sangiovese shows the firm tannin and savouriness of the grape set against a soft backdrop of red fruits and Autumn leaves and Australian bush. And the Grainery, the blend of Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne, has a sublime texture this year, lucid, golden, slippery and stylish.

This is the last Ravensworth Estate release for the next two years and it's a belter. The wines are some of the best work to date from this exceptional, detail-oriented, artisan producer. Secure your next two years worth of Ravensworth Estates, as well as the fantastic Long Way Around wines at the link below.


"I can’t see anyone who knows our style being anything but overjoyed at the result (with the 2019s). It’s kept me and Jocelyn quite buoyed this last year knowing these were in the cellar."

- Bryan Martin, winemaker





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