2017 Gentle Folk Release

Gareth and Rainbo Belton live deep in the rolling vineyards of the Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills.


They are two of the country's leading experts in seaweed who caught the wine bug a few years ago and now run a winery making small batches of fun and creative wines with their friends in the Basket Range. 


Gareth farms their three vineyards almost entirely on his own. He works strictly organically in the vineyard and with little to no additions in the winery. It's a grassroots, back-to-basics operation which is yielding charming results.


Gareth's winemaking style has developed significantly since his first vintages in the Hills. A sensitivity to each variety he tackles and a constant sharpening of the finer points of his winemaking underpins the whole Gentle Folk project.


In recent times larger format oak has become an important part of the Gentle Folk wines, and crucially, a deeper understanding of the sites he manages continues to up the fruit quality he plays with. It's all tracking in the right direction.


New Gentle Folk Tasting Pack - $165

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The new releases from the 2017 vintage show another level of refinement for the wines made by Gareth and Rainbo. 


Made for drinking with friends and family, these are clean, unpretentious and delicious wines built for fun times. 


Get involved and try our limited release mixed six pack of Gareth and Rainbo's new releases or check out the rest of their loveable free-wheeling libations here!

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