2017 Giant Steps Release

Steve Flamsteed has established himself over the last decade as one of the Yarra Valley's finest winemakers.


Together with founder & co-owner Phil Sexton, the two have established a clear single-minded mission for the Giant Steps brand - to seek out some serious vineyards in the Yarra Valley and showcase them sites through the lens of a single variety.


It's a mission that has seen them garner worldwide acclaim, the Giant Steps Single Vineyard release is now one of the blue-chip releases in the Yarra Valley each year.


To really see the genius of their project, the wines are best viewed (or tasted) side by side. It's in this way that the nuance and outstanding quality of these wines truly shine through.



The Pinot Noirs are smoking. Mother nature allowed for a much longer growing season in 2017. Depth of flavour developed in its own time and depth of deliciousness came along for the ride. They are more ripped than the average Yarra Valley Pinot from 2017, a devastating combination of definition and seduction. Taste them together and take a short trip around the Yarra, guided by Steve.

 Giant Steps Single Vineyard Pinot Pack


The Chardonnays show pure class. There's flesh on the bones and plenty of petrol in the tank. Steve's Chardonnays have such a great mix of good ol' fashioned fruit power and modern finesse. The fruit is ripe but the balance is faultless and when you drink these wines you feel the hand of a craftsman at work.

Giant Steps Single Vineyard Chardonnay Pack


The 2017 vintage is being touted as one of the best seasons of a generation. Steve's wines definitely bare that out.

There's no better time to dive in and see the Yarra through the eyes of Giant Steps.

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