Domenica: Peter Graham's Little Piece of Beechworth

Domenica is essentially a one-man-operation from the Beechworth region. The man behind the label, Peter Graham is one of the region's most thoughtful and talented winemakers.


He honed his craft working under the great Rick Kinzbrünner for more than a decade as the legend of Giaconda was formed. After years of accumulated knowledge from the Giaconda cellar and expeditions abroad, Pete struck out on his own and Domenica was formed.


From his small plot of land on the Beechworth "Golden Mile", Pete now crafts articulate and powerful "Old-World" inspired wines with a gentle hand.


Domenica Vineyard


He farms his vineyard organically, though uncertified, and does so with great care. The quality of fruit it yields is first class.


In the winery, large fermenters made of concrete and old oak sit on the top floor. A small barrel hall, set deep in the side of the hill, sits below. Inside his pride and joy, two huge Italian Botti lay filled with his latest crop.


Everything is moved with the help of gravity to preserve the integrity of the juice. Gently, gently is the way at Domenica.


Patience is a virtue that Pete definitely possesses. No wine is released until it's 'ready'. The wines are of rare quality, both powerful yet refined. The production is minuscule. As an example, as little as 500L of Nebbiolo was produced from 2014. With the fierce cult following Graham has acquired, the wines are increasingly hard to find.


Along with his regional contemporaries Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown and Sentio among others, Graham is helping usher in a great new era for Beechworth wine.


Domenica has a core range of four wines: Shiraz, Nebbiolo, Chardonnay and a blend of Marsanne and Roussanne. This year sees the introduction of a killer Rosé made from the bleed off of the Domenica Nebbiolo which is downright delicious.


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The 2015 Shiraz is the very model of a modern Australian Shiraz; a wine balanced on a knife-edge between ripe fruit and an earthy, savoury underbelly. Pete's deep influence from the Rhone Valley clearly on show with this release.


The Nebbiolo is considered by many as one of the Australian benchmarks for the variety. The highly anticipated 2014 release is a monumental wine with an impenetrable wall of tannin and fruit. One for the true Nebbiolo devotees.


The Chardonnay is always in high demand given Pete's connection and proximity to Giaconda.  The 2016  is generous and voluptuous, and exceptional value from the region.


The first release of a Domenica Rosé is unsurprisingly exceptional. Made from the bleed off of Pete's phenomenal estate Nebbiolo, this is fine, dry and beautifully structured.




All of Pete's range sells out effortlessly each year. His consistently excellent releases since 2012 have made him a favourite amongst avid collectors of Beechworth wines.

Check out all the latest releases from Peter Graham and Domenica, here.



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