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Founded in 1911, and sporting one of the great unbroken track records for quality (save a short reprieve during World War II), J.J. Prum is one of the great wine producers of Germany, and indeed, the world.

These rare Rieslings are legendary for their incredible longevity, purity, and articulation of place. They are touted by critics as some of the finest examples of Riesling to be found anywhere on the planted. As Stephan Reinhardt once wrote, "the world always seems a better place with a glass of Prüm in hand."

The Prum family has seen the estate through three generations, with current director Dr. Katharina Prum taking hold of the reins during the 2007 harvest. With Katharina's commitment to tradition and quality from her family's label, J.J. Prum is sure to remain one of the benchmarks of the Mosel for decades to come.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
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J.J. Prum Riesling Masterclass Pack
J.J. Prum Riesling Masterclass Pack
A selection of the exquisite 2021 releases from one of the greatest Riesling producers on earth, Joh Jos Prum.
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