Unico Zelo: 2023 People's Choice Winner

Laura & Brendan Carter are two of Australia's most energetic and forward-thinking winemakers - their wines also happen to be incredibly popular with the (very smart and good-looking) customers at Different Drop!

More bottles of Unico Zelo flew off the DD shelves this year than any other wine label in the country, no doubt due to their incredible value and brilliant, thirst-slaking wine styles.

We are pleased to bring you three new wines today, including the new vintages of the ridiculously popular Jade & Jasper Fiano, the country's best value orange wine Esoterico and a brand new Gewurztraminer named Pollen!

"Honestly, we're over the moon - of all the awards we could win, this is the one we really want. The whole premise of Unico is bringing Wine to the People. To be recognized as People's Choice just gives us more confidence to keep doing what we're doing, and more of it!"
- Brendan Carter (Unico Zelo)

If you want to see why these guys have been the most popular label through 2023 at Different Drop - checking out our newly updated Unico Zelo Pack at a great price is the perfect place to start!

Kudos to Laura, Brendan and the whole UZ Team for their great success this year and over the last decade!

To find out more about this uniquely excellent SA wine brand, check out our latest clip on our YouTube channel!


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