Koerner: 2023 Avant-Garde Producer of the Year

The Different Drop Avant-Garde Producer of the Year for 2023 had to go to the Koerner brothers in the Clare Valley.

Quite simply, Koerner is one of the most exciting wine producers in Australia. Brothers Damon and Jono Koerner represent everything that we love about the current zeitgeist of Australian wine, taking their family vineyard in the Clare Valley and reimagining a bright future for the region with an electric, eclectic array of wines in all styles and colours.

On one hand, the classics such as Clare Valley Riesling and Cabernet have been refined and honoured to the point where they now boast some of the region's most precise and cellar-worthy examples of these wines styles.

On the other, they are looking at the future of their region where varieties such as Vermentino & Sangiovese will no doubt play a major role. Stylistically, they show a regional evolution, in the shape and texture of their wines, where the purity and energy of each cuvee are valued at a premium.

"We are stoked to have been awarded the DD ‘Avant Guard Winery of the year’! Our whole aim is to reflect the vineyards of which our grapes come from and the varietal characteristics as much as possible - through doing this we get fresh, pure wines that offer high drink ability. Thanks to everyone for supporting the brand and thanks DD for the award!"
- Jono Koerner (Koerner Wines)

They've brought fine wine to a box, deepened their exploration of the Adelaide Hills under the Leko label, and just generally blown us away all year with the quality, originality and straight-up deliciousness of each of their wide range of wines.

We highly recommend the new vintages of 'Tiver' Rose, 'Pigato' Vermentino and 'Classico' Cabernet Sauvignon - all amongst the most captivating renditions of their kind in the country.

We also have re-stocks of the great value 'Brothers' Riesling, the unique 'The Clare' blend, AND, the best cask wines you've ever tasted are back after flying out the door a few months ago on release!

And finally, if you're not sure where to start, grab one of our very popular 'Discover Koerner Wines' mixed packs and sample six of our favourites in their range.

We can't speak highly enough of these wines, Koerner is a shining star in Australian wine. If you haven't taken the plunge on one of their wines, you're missing out some of this country's most original and compelling artisan vino.


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