DD Discoveries: Aunt Alice

Premium Tasmanian wine is extremely hot property at the moment so it's very exciting to meet a new face entering the fray on the Apple Isle.

Alice Davidson started her foray into wine after travelling through South Africa, Georgia, France and Italy - great places to become enchanted by food and wine, mind you.

After coming back to Australia in 2016, she started her own side label, Aunt Alice, whilst working at a large commercial winery on the Limestone Coast, putting her focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. She's since moved down to Tasmania to continue her wine journey. Her first Tasmanian release is what we have for you today.

She's surrounded herself with the excellent motley crew of wine rockstars in the Dr. Island collaborative winery, alongside Peter Dredge at Dr. Edge and James Broinowski of Small Island. Very good company to keep if you're looking to make delicious things on a small scale of very high quality.

There are just two wines for the first release, an excellent, elegant, textural Chardonnay and a bright and joyful Pinot Noir. We have just a couple of dozen of each so if you want to check out the hottest new label in Tassie, you'd better be quick.



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