2020 Two Tonne Tasmania Release

The release of the Two Tonne Tasmania sub-regional Pinot Noirs are one of our favourite releases of the year - and this year, we've got a brand new wine to play with!

The 2020 harvest for Ricky Evans saw poor flowering at the start, then a long, dry summer with relentless southern winds whipping through the vineyards. Yields were down. Harvest was cool and late producing Pinot Noirs that are right in his wheelhouse, built around tension, freshness and vibrancy. It's a blistering trio. The three new Pinots on offer break down like this...

The TMV - "The Pretty One"
It's a different iteration of TMV (Tamar Valley) this year. The 2020 is frisky and sexed up. It's all delicious red summer berries and flowers, bright and fragrant as can be. This is the finest, freshest TMV we've tasted from Ricky. Get on it, it's killer.

The EST - "The Funky One"
The EST (East) is the one that shows a little more puppy fat at this stage with a lovely bed of rocky tannin. Plumper than TMV, with a little more chew. It's the most savoury of the three and a real delight to drink.

The STH - "The Smooth Talker"
STH (South) is the new TTT addition this year, one that's been years in the making. This completes Ricky's idea for giving individual sub-regional snapshots of Pinot Noir from across the Apple Isle. This is the biggest, darkest and plushest of the bunch. It's the smooth, easy rider. Delicious stuff and it should fly quickly with only a small amount made.

On top of that, we have four new wines in this week under the Havilah label, including Ricky's debut Pet Nat (Pinot/Chardonnay), two smashing orange wines (Pinot Gris & Gewurztraminer) and a cracking light red which sees Pinot Noir, Gris and Gewurtztraminer in a ménage à trois. All are made in tiny amounts but bring huge pleasure!


Shop all the new arrivals under Two Tonne Tasmania and Havilah at this link...


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