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2022 Latta Tranquil Rose
2022 Latta Tranquil RosePyrenees
Owen Latta's phenomenal Sangiovese & Nebbiolo Rose. One of the country's top natural wines here. Insanely delicious stuff.
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2022 Latta Wildwest Red
2022 Latta Wildwest RedPyrenees
A fresh, crunchy blended red with fruit from across Western VIC. Lo-fi but hi-class wine from Owen Latta, that could sit happily in your fridge for a while.
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2021 Fetherston Peony Nebbiolo Rose
2021 Fetherston Peony Nebbiolo RosePyrenees
Ethereal and complex Nebbiolo Rose from the Pyrenees, a savoury, edgy wine that represents great value.
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2022 Joshua Cooper Shay's Flat Cabernet Sauvignon
2022 Joshua Cooper Shay's Flat Cabernet SauvignonPyrenees
Graceful Cabernet release from Josh Cooper from a biodynamic vineyard in the Pyrenees. Gently structured and intensely flavoured.
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2022 Latta Benevolent Cabernet Franc
2022 Latta Benevolent Cabernet FrancPyrenees
Owen Latta's cracking Cabernet Franc sourced from an old vineyard in the Pyrenees. Released with freshness at the front of mind!
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2022 Cobaw Ridge Grenache
2022 Cobaw Ridge GrenachePyrenees
A seriously stunning Grenache from Cobaw Ridge using fruit from the Shay's Flat Vineyard.
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2022 Latta Jurassique Blanc Chardonnay
2022 Latta Jurassique Blanc ChardonnayPyrenees
Owen Latta's Jura-inspired Chardonnay made in tiny quantities. A little fresher and less oxy this time around.
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2022 Fletcher Minion Nebbiolo
2022 Fletcher Minion NebbioloPyrenees
Aussie native turned Barbaresco local, Dave Fletcher, gets back to his roots with this great value Victorian Nebbiolo.
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2022 Joshua Cooper Redbank Cabernet Sauvignon
2022 Joshua Cooper Redbank Cabernet SauvignonPyrenees
One of the darkest and most cellar-worthy of the excellent single vineyard Joshua Cooper Cabernets from 2022.
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