Yarra Unicorns: The 2022 Timo Mayer Release Is Here!

Today we are pleased to present the unicorn wines of Timo Mayer and the 2022s are some of the best we've seen from him. We were lucky enough to taste these wines from barrel last year and again last week here at DDHQ with the man himself.


To give you our most 'Timo-esque' appraisal, the 2022 wines are f@#king beautiful.


Production is down across the board by around 30% for the Mayer wines this year. Demand has never been higher thanks to Timo's rising cult-like status in markets like Japan, South Korea, Sweden and the US of A. 


Kindly, Timo has given us (limited) access to the entire range. If you would like to purchase the most sought-after of the Mayer wines: the Close Planted Pinot Noir, Dr. Mayer Pinot Noir & Nebbiolo - they are only available in our Timo Mayer Tasting Pack for this release.


The 2022 reds have a gorgeous balance of pure, plump, delicious fruit coupled with the finest and most compact tannin. Timo is a magician with tannin. In tannic varieties such as Cabernet, Sangiovese or Nebbiolo, he softens it, in softer, more slurpy varieties like Gamay or Tempranillo he enhances it. It's that sensitivity to each variety that makes each of the numerous wines he produces so satisfying and fascinating to drink.


Also, for the first time, we have a terrific trio of Chardonnays under the Mayer, Volcanic & Bloody Hill banners. Minerally, focused and freakishly moreish, each of them are compelling examples of Yarra Chardonnay, shown through different lenses.


The Timo Mayer Tasting Pack features our six favourite reds from this vintage, so if you're a Timo Pinot-phile, then that's what you want. Or, get yourself a bottle or two of the beautiful 2022 Volcanic Pinot Noir. For all of the other wines, we have a finite amount of the 2022s, they usually sell out in a matter of days.


Get your Timo fix for this year below!



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