Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown: Beechworth Brilliance!

Today we are pleased to share our most comprehensive offer ever on the excellent wines from Tessa Brown & Jeremy Schmolzer at Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown.

We are thrilled to give you first access to the debut release of their Beechworth series, a set of four fantastic wines (Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Syrah) that showcase the beauty of higher-altitude vineyards in the Beechworth region. These wines have excellent reviews from Campbell Mattinson, including one of his most effusive Chardonnay reviews of the year.

"This wine is an individual, and it's beautiful, with exquisite length and the kind of compelling character that makes you feel nostalgic before you even yet know it; before it's even gone." - Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front) on the 2022 Beechworth Chardonnay

We have been massive fans of VS&B since the very, very early days of their brand. We have watched them grow in stature, from "the next big thing" on the Beechworth scene to now one of the most respected producers in the district.

It's an unswerving commitment to absolute quality that has seen their profile rise and rise. From top to toe, every aspect of their range is deeply, sometimes painstakingly, thought-out. The classic, understated packaging, the wide diversity of wine styles, the specificity with which they choose their growers and the slow, methodical way they have approached planting their own vineyard high up in Stanley, all point to a producer that has been in this for the long haul from the get-go.

"Landmark wines coming from this husband and wife outfit, with an increasing focus on their home vineyard in Beechworth... Get acquainted!" - Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)

Tessa and Jeremy spend much more time growing grapes than they do in the cellar. It's a small operation which is intended to stay small and singularly quality focused. Family is deeply etched into every part of the business - parents helping prune the vineyard, kids climbing on barrels and stomping grapes during harvest. Everything is done with love and the knowledge that they are building something that will be a part of their family for generations to come.

This is how you do it if you want to do it well.

From deceptively serious easy-drinking offerings to blistering cool-climate Rieslings and an outstanding set of classic Beechworth varietal offerings, we love everything this couple put their hands to. You can explore their entire delicious range at the link below and discover for yourself why Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown is one of our absolute favourite Australian producers.

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