Vanguardist: The Superb 2019 Release From Michael Corbett
Photo Credit: Daniel Purvis


- PRE-ARRIVAL 2019 Vanguardist MVG Grenache (97 points, TWF)
- 2018 Vanguardist Chardonnay (93+ points, TWF)
- 2019 La Petite Vanguard Grenache (92 points, TWF)
- 2019 La Petite Vanguard Riesling (94 points, TWF)

Today we are thrilled to offer you the epic new 97 point 2019 MVG Grenache from Vanguardist. It's the equal highest ever score for an Australian Grenache on The Wine Front. Our allocation from the winery is en route and the wine should ship from this coming Tuesday.

Load up. This is a biggie.

This fresh suite of wines from Michael Corbett at Vanguardist represents a watershed moment for his small artisanal brand.

Michael has been building some serious momentum over the last few vintages. His stable of effortless McLaren Vale Grenaches, textural Clare Valley Rieslings and cool, linear Adelaide Hills Chardonnays have been on song. The 2019 harvest is his magnum opus.

According to the jovial Corbett, 2019 was a truly brutal vintage. It was searingly hot and painfully dry. But as we know, enough pressure and heat will make diamonds. His gnarled 50+-year-old Grenache vines in Blewitt Springs eked out tiny parcels of incredible quality fruit. It was the epitome of the high-quality, low quantity vintage.

The wine that has revealed itself from 2019 is world-class and could stand proudly alongside Australia's finest expressions of the variety. It's ruby red, rosy, achingly pure and mineral-driven. In short, it's ballistically good.

The kicker is, it's around half the price of most of the other iconic Australian Grenache that sit in that lofty category. And unsurprisingly, given Gary Walsh's mammoth 97 point review, it will sell out in no time.


2019 Vanguardist MVG Grenache

97 points

"This is a superb wine... It’s bloody McLaren Vale G. Mascarello. I can’t believe what I’m tasting."

- Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)



Alongside the tremendous Grenache, we have the superb value La Petite Vanguard Riesling (94 points) and Grenache (92 points) available also. These are slightly more experimental in their style, whole-bunch ferments for the Grenache, some skin time and oxidative handling for the Riesling giving it a funky edge. Both hugely over-deliver in the value for money department.

If you've tried Michael's wines before, you won't need much convincing, if not, we whole-heartedly encourage you to give them a whirl. You'll find the full collection of Vanguardist and La Petite Vanguard wines at the link below




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