Super Limited 2022 Garagiste Flagship Release!

Today we are pleased to offer you the final set of excellent 2022 wines from Barnaby Flanders at Garagiste in the Mornington Peninsula.

We have brand new offerings in his delicious Cotier range which you won't find anywhere else. Also, you are getting first access to the brand new 2022 flagships; the 2022 Garagiste Terre de Feu Pinot Noir and 2022 Garagiste Terre Maritime Chardonnay.

A small but powerful crop of fruit in 2022 has delivered arguably his most stunning iterations of his flagships to date. This power and intensity has translated into the more experimental Cotiers and the phenomenal value Le Stagiaires also.

Like many other small producers in 2022, Barney's harvest was startlingly small, though perhaps, Garagiste was hit harder than most. Flanders was 70% down on his Pinot Noir and 50% down on Chardonnay for 2022. Thankfully the quality is outstanding.



"There's two-fifths of f@#k all in 2022, but the wines have great poise and shape. Like some of the great wines of the world, they lure you in and make you think - they're not just about knocking your socks off right away. The purity of the 2022's is just fantastic."

- Barney Flanders on his 2022 Flagship Release



With the extra power and structure in 2022, Flanders pulled back on all winemaking tricks: less whole-bunch and time on skins for the Pinot Noir, less oak in the Chardonnays - his years of experience have taught him that restraint is sometimes the best course to making the best wines possible.

As a result, the wines are beautifully supple and seductive, even on release. We loved them, and if you've ever loved a Garagiste wine before, we're sure you will too.

Whether you already know and love these wines or if you're a Garagiste newcomer, there has never been a better time to explore this incredible producer.

Fill your boots with the final stocks of our Australian Red Bargain of the year, the Le Stagiaire Pinot Noir, its delicious sibling Chardonnay, the highly sought-after flagships and the wildly delicious Cotiers and shop all things Garagiste right here.

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Gloria Minter

Gloria Minter

Hi Barnaby,
Good to read your wine biz is doing very well.
Gloria M

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