Ravensworth Autumn Release

Bryan Martin is one of Australia's top tier winemakers.

Alongside Tim Kirk at Clonakilla he has helped put the Canberra District on the fine wine map of Australia.

His unique combination of creativity and sensitivity in the winery has seen his own wines under the Ravensworth banner gain cult-like status over the last few years. With unnerving habit for releasing hit after hit and his constant fine-tuning of style, it's no wonder.

This week we launched the Autumn suite of wines from Bryan. They look absolutely stunning straight off the bat.

If you're a lover of Italian varieties, his Hilltops Nebbiolo and home-grown Estate Sangiovese are not to be missed. They can go toe to toe with any of the top Australian examples of these varieties and easily hold their own.

If you're feeling a little more frisky and adventurous, be sure to check out Bryan's blistering egg-fermented orange wine, the 'Seven Months', and his uniquely delicious Cab Franc Sauv Blanc blend, 'The Tinderry'.

And if you haven't yet, grab a bottle or two of Bryan's bargain Regional Sangiovese and Tinto (Grenache Blend) released just a few weeks back. At just $28/bottle they offer excellent value for money.

Or, if you are just keen to dip your toe in the Ravensworth pool, check out the limited edition Ravensworth Red Masterclass Pack for a bottle each of his brilliant red releases and see for yourself why Ravensworth is considered by many as one of the best pound for pound producers in the country right now.

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