Pooley Wines: Smoking 2017 Release

The Pooley family have been involved in Tasmanian wine now for three generations, a distinction only they can claim on the Apple Isle.

The vines on their Cooinda Vale vineyard, just outside Hobart, were planted by Denis & Margaret Pooley back in 1985.

But it's the new generation of Pooleys who have accelerated this family-owned setup into a new stratosphere.

Today, Denis & Margaret's grandchildren have taken the reigns, Matt as viticulturalist and the incredibly gifted Anna Pooley as the winemaker.

They are a killer team producing some of the most exciting wines in Tasmania at the moment.

Their show-stopping 2017's are going to blow you away.

Anna's 2017s have been awarded phenomenal reviews from Gary Walsh at The Wine Front this year. Every egg a bird, as they say.

And they are hot off the press!

Be one of the first in the country to taste the excellent 2017 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs and the blistering 2017 Cooinda Vale Chardonnay.

These Pooley releases are some of the most impressive cool-climate wines you will find from anywhere in the country!


Reviews From Gary Walsh at The Wine Front


2017 Cooinda Vale Chardonnay

97 points
"Sometimes the quality of a wine lifts it well above the pack.

It’s not over-made, nor is it under-made; it’s all just so. It’s a wine characterized by its purity, line, and length. There’s a silky almond gloss and flavour, mild lemon and grapefruit, perhaps some pie apple with spice, though its flavours are subdued, yet beautifully clean. The rain-washed-white-pebble kind of acidity (well, you have to talk some shit, every now and then as it’s part of the brief), is something else. As is the aforementioned length. Expect subtlety and quiet confidence, but don’t come seeking oak and peaches. Here’s a Chardonnay for you."




2017 Cooinda Vale Pinot Noir

96 points
"It’s a very fine wine, and forgive me for saying it, has a distinct echo of Burgundy, albeit many thousands of miles south of that neck of the woods. Dried flowers, almost chamomile, a whiff of soil and spice, red fruits and almond. Medium bodied, deft and sure, with pitch-perfect acidity married to perfectly ripe red fruits, tannin is nutty and saturating, and the finish is cool and long, all that ‘mineral’ stuff, orange peel and perfume playing out to marvellous effect. It may, perhaps, be too subtle for some, but those who seek elegance and poise will be well rewarded."




2017 Butcher's Hill Pinot Noir

95+ points
"There’s something very good about this site when it comes to Pinot Noir. That elusive soil/mineral/earthy thing that I love in Pinot (well, as far as my love for Pinot actually goes).

Cherry, strawberry, some spice, a floral top note, almond, but that soil/mineral thing is the loveliest part of the wine here, at least for me. It’s medium-bodied, fine and pliant, with delicate acidity laced through a subtle smoky earthiness. Oak is down low, but present, and the finish is generous and expansive, emery tannin, a little spray of dried herb and dried flower perfume lingering in the aftertaste. Delicacy, integrity, and a coy youthfulness set the stage for a bright future. It’s a beautiful thing.


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