Meet The Winemaker pt.1 - Brendan Carter (Unico Zelo/Harvest/Applewood)

Meet The Winemaker pt.1 - Brendan Carter (Unico Zelo/Harvest/Applewood)


Brendan and Laura Carter are redefining the role of the boutique beverage maker in Australia. 

Their vision for a more sustainable way to make and enjoy craft beverages has seen them build something of an empire over the last few short years.



From their top examples of emerging Italian wine varieties under Unico Zelo, to their distinctly Australian Gins, Amaros and Malts under the Applewood label, and their great value Harvest co-lab project with local growers, they are forging a unique path in the industry. It's thrilling to watch.

Check out our catch up with Brendan above as we find out what's new in the "Ochre Nation".





Or click here to see all the delicious new things that have just been released from Brendan and Laura including their outstanding Single Vineyard Unico Zelo Cru wines and their extremely limited Seven Deadly Gins project!

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