Empirical Spirits: Denmark's Newest Spirits Sensation

Empirical Spirits is possibly the most radical and innovative beverage project on the planet today.

Founded in 2017 by former Noma alumni, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, this project is dedicated to creating the most original, authentic, and boundary-pushing spirits in the world, with an obsession with flavour communication at the centre of their mission. 

Their unique, mercurial base spirit is forged from local heirloom barley which is mixed with koji (used in the production of Sake in Japan), then finished with an aromatic Belgian saison yeast.  Wild botanicals are foraged by the team or are sourced from small communities and added to the mash. Then finally, each drink is distilled in a cyberpunk-esque vacuum still at very low temperatures to preserve the most delicate flavours and complexities possible.



"I think they’re some of the most exciting new drinks to have emerged in years."

- Max Allen (Australian Financial Review)



While they defy traditional classification, these spirits show a distinct sense of place, as the team combines their base spirits with a diverse range of local seasonal produce: from chicken skin to native firs or wild dandelion. Their flavours and aromas then transport the drinker to a sentimental place, be that a smoking fireplace in a wood cottage, or the smell of your grandmother's kitchen.

A kaleidoscope of exotic sensorial pleasures unlike anything else on earth is the end result. These creations are unquestionably some of the most interesting adult beverages you are likely to ever put in your mouth.


See what's available from Empirical Spirits here.


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