Domaine Naturaliste: 2022 Different Drop Best Value Producer

Bruce Dukes and his stellar suite of Margaret River wines are perpetual favourites of ours here at DD. He's become one of the last bastions of value in the ever-more-premium Margaret River region and our go-to recommendation for WA staples that massively over-deliver for the price.


Dukes has a wealth of winemaking experience acquired from vintages both here and abroad, including a stint at Francis Ford Coppola's iconic Niebaum Coppola winery in the Napa Valley. There are glimpses of the the Napa influence evident in this winemaking style where power, flavour and a polished finish to the wines runs through the entire range.


Bruce's ability to produce delicious, full-flavoured examples of Margaret River's signature varieties is second to none. From the cheery Discovery range at around $25 a bottle all the way up to his very reasonably-priced flagship series of Chardonnays and Cabernets, he has an impeccable range from top to bottom that is classic, classy and beautifully made.


The Domaine Naturaliste wines are some of the very best bang-for-your-buck wines this country has to offer and a very deserving recipient of our 2022 Best Value Producer award.




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