2021 Vinden Headcase Launch

Today we bring you a suite of brand new wines from young Hunter Valley star, Angus Vinden, who came in at 55 on the Real Review Top 100 this year. These Vinden Headcase wines that feature his face on the label are his truest expressions of art and passion. There's some fun stuff here folks, strap in.

Earlier this year we spent an excellent weekend at Angus' Hunter Valley home and winery and tasted each of these new wines from barrel. They looked excellent then, they look amazing now. These are his experimental wines where he lets his curiosity and experimentation off the chain.

We have exotic skin-contact wines, things fermented in strange-looking concrete eggs, innovative takes on classic Hunter varieties, and reds built purely for freshness and drinkability.

Each of these wine styles would have been totally alien in the Hunter not so long ago. Now, these limited release wines from Gus get snapped up in short order. This is the Hunter built for a new generation. This is the Hunter we would love to see more of.

We have small allocations of these wines available and we highly recommend you try them. They may give you a new perspective on our oldest wine region.



2021 The Vinden Headcase An Ocean In Between The Waves Semillon
2021 The Vinden Headcase Pokolbin Blanc
2021 The Vinden Headcase Shiraz Gamay Noir
2021 The Vinden Headcase Shiraz Under The Pressure
2021 The Vinden Headcase Skin Contact Chenin Blanc
2021 The Vinden Headcase Skin Contact Gewurztraminer
2021 The Vinden Headcase Somerset Vineyard Semillon


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