Tissot: Second Shipment Has Arrived

This is our second shipment this year of the highly coveted wines of Benedicte & Stephane Tissot. We are very pleased to be able to offer you 14 of their outstanding wines in limited quantities.

The highlights include an assortment of their Chardonnays and Savagnin table wines, including the 2018 Les Bruyeres Chardonnay (96 points, Mike Bennie) and a handful of the 2018 Clos Tour de Curon Chardonnay (97 points, Mike Bennie). The Savagnin and more approachable Patchwork Chardonnay are also back in stock so if you missed out on the last release, here is your chance.

On top of the white wines, we have a selection of the Tissot red wines, including Amphore Poulsard, the DD Rouge and the Pinot Noir. These lithe, earthy yet vibrant reds combine freshness and funk on a whole other level.

Finally, for the Jura enthusiasts, we bring you three of their legendary Vin Jaunes. These slow-to-bottle, flor-aged yellow wines are deeply complex and extremely powerful. There are just a few precious bottles of each to go around. To see the apex of Jura's signature wine style, Tissot sit comfortably amongst the best.


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