2021 Rieslingfreak Release

It's been far too long between drinks for us and Rieslingfreak. Far and away one of our most popular labels has been entirely sold out for months. We are Freak-ing excited to have the Rieslingfreak himself, John Hughes back on the site with his most comprehensive release in years.

We tasted these wines earlier this week and are pumped to be able to offer you five flawless, distinct Rieslings from the excellent 2021 vintage. It was a dream season for an obsessive producer like John. The extended harvest, with its cool days and cold nights, made for grapes that had maximum flavour development with low alcohols. Textbook conditions for producing the elegant, intricately crafted Rieslings that John is known for.

For the uninitiated, here's how the wines break down... No.3 Clare Valley is the tightest, nerviest of the bunch - all lime juice and lavender with racy acid. No.4 shows that same energy but with a little more fruit, more weight and generosity. It's lovely now. No.5 is the off-dry that is your best friend at Thai BYO - it's juicy and open but finishes crisp and dry. The No.2 and No.10 are the premium offerings - the No.2 a single vineyard expression of the Clare Valley, the No.10 the best of the vintage blend. Both are dry, piercing and built for the long haul. It's an excellent lineup.

Starting at $25 a bottle, there is simply no better value Riesling in the country from a small, independent producer. This is a project built of passion, precision and a tireless pursuit of excellence. We loved these wines. They drink beautifully now and will reveal more layers for many years to come.



2021 Rieslingfreak No.3 Clare Valley Riesling
2021 Rieslingfreak No.4 Eden Valley Riesling
2021 Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Off Dry Riesling
2021 Rieslingfreak No.2 Polish Hill River Riesling
2021 Rieslingfreak No.10 Zenit Pinnacle Riesling


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