2021 Dr. Edge Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Release

This might be our most anticipated Tasmanian release of the year and, as always, it's a beauty.

The 2021 Tasmania Pinot Noir & Chardonnay from Peter Dredge are absolute showstoppers. Yields were down around 40% for Dredge this year, meaning there will be no sub-regional release of these wines. It's one Pinot and one Chardonnay from this harvest. That's it.

 You can see in these wines the added detail and concentration with all of the best parcels of the sub-regional wines compressed into single cuvees. The Pinot Noir is brightly lit and startlingly pure, the Chardonnay a picture of precision.


"Not much to say other than it's up there with 2017 for mine... I hope you grab some as it's a tiny yielding year, and if you do, I hope you enjoy them."
- Peter Dredge


The two wines were met with their equal best ever reviews from The Wine Front's Gary Walsh. Our allocations are severely restricted due to the nature of the small harvest, however, we are thrilled to be able to share at least a small parcel with you today.

 These are benchmarks for Tasmanian wine and are amongst the most-loved wines of the year by the Different Drop team.

We tip our cap to Dredgey, he's nailed the 2021s. We hope you enjoy them while stocks last.


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