2021 Testalonga Release: El Bandito & Baby Bandito are back!

Craig and Carla Hawkins launched Testalonga in the north of Swartland in 2008. They are part of a revolutionary groundswell taking place in South African wine, where traditions are being challenged and brave new territory is being explored. The painfully small amount of wine that this duo produces gets snapped up in short order.

Known for their striking intensity and energy, Craig and Carla's wines are on the cutting edge of the natural wine movement in their country. They focus on the many variations of Chenin Blanc, showcasing its diversity through skin maceration, and different maturation vessels. 

Their light and crunchy red wines, made from Cinsault, Carignan, Mourvedre & Syrah, are some of the most exciting and energetic wines in the New World, so fresh and full of life. 

"Deeply conservative South Africa did not know what to do with Craig Hawkins. In a country where sustainable viticulture – never mind organic – was considered radical, this young man, with his hard-core organic farming principles veering dangerously toward biodynamic and his intervention-free cellar practices, bothered South African wine critics and authorities alike." - Jancis Robinson MW

We are pleased to be able to offer the full range of their new releases that have just hit Australian shores; four brilliant value Baby Bandito wines (that you can snatch up all at once with our Testalonga Masterclass Pack) as well as eleven new El Bandito releases, featuring two Pet Nats! You might even find a few magnums of the Lekker Chenin Blanc... a rare little bird indeed.

We're so pleased to be able to offer the full range that has just hit Australian shoes - but move quickly, the rising demand for this cult label means allocations are extremely tight.


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