2021 Dormilona Clayface Release
Jo Perry makes some of the most interesting premium wines in Margaret River and we have her best and rarest on offer for you today.

Jo is the epitome of a one-woman wine band. She touches every single berry, every bottle, every wax seal in her stellar motley crew of Margaret River wines. Everything is done by her own hand so as best to control her lo-fi approach to her craft.

Amongst her range, her pride and joy are her Clayface wines. These amphora-fermented creations are a set of top-class natural wines, lively fresh and vigorous to taste. There is a Clayface Cabernet, a Chardonnay and a Chenin Blanc this year. They are not your standard MR affair.

"A new spirit of drinkable, effortless cabernet that is born of vineyard pedigree and an eye to fruit purity, a movement whose lineage is unequivocally linked to Vanya Cullen and her pursuit of elegance in the flagship Diana Madeline cabernet blend."

- Nick Stock on the 2019 Dormilona Clayface Cabernet

The use of amphora puts her organically-farmed fruit front and centre with nowhere to hide. The wines rely on natural tannin and acid for structure (of which they have plenty) and they have an energy and freshness you rarely see in these varieties. Made in tiny clay pots and very limited quantities, they are only ever available for a brief moment each year. If you're a fan, we suggest you jump in quickly.

For those looking for more of a classic taste of the west, we highly recommend her gorgeous 2021 Dormilona Cabernet Sauvignon and luscious 2021 Dormilona Chardonnay from this release. These wines have the power and opulence that has made Margaret River a player on the world stage for Chardonnay and Cabernet in particular. The best set of these wines we've seen from Jo, no doubt. If you're a lover of Australia's best new-wave wines, you should absolutely have these in your collection.




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