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Ruth Lewandowski is the project of natural winemaker Evan Lewandowski. After moving to Utah for study, a young Evan fell in with a wine crowd and discovered natural wine. It was a light-bulb moment for him and started him down the farming and winemaking path.

After many vintages around the world (including regular working visits to his good friend, the Hunter Valley’s M&J Becker) Evan returned to Utah, with the plan to one day plant and farm his own vineyards. In the meantime he sources organically grown fruit from a few beautiful sites in Mendocino County, California that give him access to an array of interesting and more obscure varietals.

This is an exciting and ambitious project from a very thoughtful and passionate young winemaker. Very much avant-garde in the USA, these are vibrant and bouncy wines, full of joie de vivre that celebrate the natural cycle of death, regeneration and the subsequent life it brings.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
2020 Ruth Lewandowski Feints
2020 Ruth Lewandowski FeintsCalifornia
A compelling and complex light red blend from Mendocino County, by young gun natural winemaker Evan Lewandowski.
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2019 Ruth Lewandowski Boaz
2019 Ruth Lewandowski BoazCalifornia
A gorgeously savoury, frisky and focused medium-bodied red blend by natural winemaker Evan Lewandowski from Mendocino County.
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2020 Ruth Lewandowski Rose Cuvee Zero
2020 Ruth Lewandowski Rose Cuvee ZeroCalifornia
A bright and refreshing preservative-free rose bursting with flavour, out of California from 'Ruth' Lewandowski.
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