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It all started in 2002, when Anne and David Mazza planted six different varieties in their own vineyard. There is a 'but,' though. This was unlike any plantation in Western Australia, let alone Geographe. It was the new home of Bastardo, Graciano, Tempranillo, Tinta Cao, Touriga and Sousao - all grapes from the Iberian Peninsula.

The pair were inspired by their own trip through Spain and Portugal, and are proudly waving the flag for these grapes and their increased use in Australian wine. With inherent suitability to the climate, the vineyards are minimally irrigated and sprayed, making them great reflections of terroir.

Dave and Anne have already gotten the attention from several winemakers, who have used the fruit for their own wines and have been inspired to plant them themselves. The future in Geographe looks bright.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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2018 Mazza Touriga Nacional
2018 Mazza Touriga NacionalGeographe
Take a tour with Touriga Nacional - you're drinking a wine from Geographe, but this stays true to its Portuguese origins.
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2019 Mazza Tempranillo
2019 Mazza TempranilloGeographe
Bright, juicy and easy going - this is a brilliant Tempranillo from Geographe. Drink with enthusiasm.
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2017 Mazza Touriga Nacional Sousao
2017 Mazza Touriga Nacional SousaoGeographe
From the underrated Geographe region in WA comes this gutsy red made with the Iberian grapes Touriga Nacional and Sousao.
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2021 Mazza Bastardo Rose
2021 Mazza Bastardo RoseGeographe
Made with the Portuguese grape Bastardo, this is a textural, fresh and great value rose from Geographe.
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