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The wines of Josko Gravner are fabled around the world.

The man, his home, and the wines he produces are inseparable. He has a deep connection to his family's land. He lives in the same home that his family has lived in since the beginning of the 20th century. The dwelling has survived wars and earthquakes to now be his. And he treasures it.

Josko crafts at wine with a unique outlook - in touch with both the lunar cycle and the earth under his feet. His wines resemble both the man and his home - humble, honest and unadulterated. The wines are slow to be released. Nothing is rushed, everything happens in its own time.

Traditional earthen vessels are used for fermentation and maturation, old barrels house the wines for years before release. If you can find them, the best bottles of these amber wines offer some of the most profound drinking experiences you will find on the planet.

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