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Elvio Cogno

While Elvio Cogno came from a long line of grape-growers, his own winemaking was a personal home project, producing wine for self-consumption, and for his own small restaurant.

In the 1950’s he made the leap to commercial wine production, in partnership with the Marcarini winery in La Morra, becoming the first producer to indicate vineyard names on his wines.

It was in 1990 that Elvio decided to chart his own path and return to his home in Ravera. Reconstructing an old farmhouse at the age of 60, Elvio, alongside his daughter Nadia, and her husband Valter Fissore, began producing vineyard specific wines, indicating the vineyard and terroir long before it became a regulated practice.

Now run by Valter and Nadia, the estate continues to produce exceptional site-specific wines, farmed with organic practices. They produce 4 distinct DOCG Barolos, as well and a number of other DOC Piemonte wines.

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