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Peter Dredge is Dr. Edge. He is one of the most intuitive and talented winemakers on the Apple Isle.

With a wealth of experience garnered at wineries such as Petaluma & Bay of Fires, he has revitalised the Meadowbank label and returned it to its place as one of the must-watch vineyards in Tasmania.

Dr. Edge is his passion project where he can take risks and make Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Riesling that truly excites him. His creativity can fly under the Dr. Edge banner and wines that walk a fine line of tension, funk and freshness invariably arise.

Only small batches of wine is produced, all made by hand, and typically they sell out in short order. Playful, pleasurable and remarkably thoughtful, the Dr Edge creations are riveting things to drink and have rightfully earned cult status among collectors of Tasmania's finest. 

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"The name is amusing (the winemaker’s surname is Dredge) and the labels are funky, but in the glass these wines are uniformly pure, if not classic. This is the fresh face of quality Australian wine, dedicated as much to the exquisite as to the powerful, with both character and persistence of paramount concern. The riesling and the pinot noirs here are a world of nuance but the chardonnays, wow, they’re quite something. If you can manage to find (and drink) the 2021 version you’ll be converted to this producer forever."
- Campbell Mattinson (Halliday Top 100 Wineries of the Year 2023)

Showing 25 - 24 of 24 products