M&J Becker: 2022 Breakout Producer of the Year

Meagan & James Becker are a young couple based in the Hunter Valley, looking to bring a sustainable modern approach to grape-growing and wine production in their region.


The Ablington vineyard in Hunter, planted by James' father, forms the backbone of their label. This site, now certified organic, produces lovely Syrah and a small portion of Pinot Noir along with small plantings of other varieties which sometimes find their way into this blend or that under the M&J Becker label.


 "I try to create wines that truly reflect the unique character of our chosen vineyards – wines that complement our sustainable vineyard practices with little manipulation in the cellar."

- James Becker, Winemaker


This charming young couple based in the Hunter Valley has shot to the top of our Must-Try list in the last twelve months. Their elegant reds, powerful Chardonnays and textural pink & amber wines offer superb drinking and interest at modest prices.


At the premium end, James makes a yearly pilgrimage to California's Mendocino County where he produces a very small amount of single-vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay off some extremely high-altitude marginal sites. There will be a new shipment of these wines to Australian shores later in the year. Be sure to catch them on release - they are some of the best-value premium USA wines that we offer.


For now, we suggest you check out their excellent NSW range below, featuring their lovely Tumbarumba Pinot Noir and Hunter Valley Chardonnay.




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