Grace Vineyards: Japan's Finest Emerging Wine Producer

Grace Vineyard was founded by Chotaro Misawa in the Katsunuma village in 1923.

Today, the wines are made by his great, great-granddaughter, Ayana, who has travelled extensively and worked in top wineries from Australia to France in an effort to increase her wine knowledge and bring a higher level of expertise to her family's winery.

Grace implements a more progressive viticultural program than is the norm in Japan, which has made them the benchmark for quality in the small Japanese winemaking community. Steep, free-draining slopes house the vineyards. Everything is done by hand. This is a project on the rise and one of the more fascinating curios you'll see imported to Australia.


"Many years ago, I’d never have imagined that tasting a set of white wines from Japan would be one of my more favourite events of the year... The wines from Grace are something quite particular, and really good. Wines of nuance and delicacy."

- Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)

In 2014, Grace became the first Japanese winery to win a gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards. They have been at the front of the pack for Japanese wine ever since.

Their expressions of the local indigenous variety, Koshu, are what really shine from this producer. We have three tiers of the variety for you to explore. These are elegant white wines that speak quietly and beautifully of a culture that is just coming of age on the world stage of wine.




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