Best Value Burgundy: Goisot, Dominique Piron, Domaine de Fa

It's become a bit of a trope, but there really is still some value to be had in Burgundy - if you know where to look.

While the astronomical prices of the great Grand Crus may be outside the realms of realistic purchases for most of us mere mortals, if you look to the lesser-known Crus of the Cote D'Or or some of the best producers in Beaujolais, you can still find wines that deliver the Burgundy experience that won't send you to the poor house.

Here are a few producers that we highly recommend if you want to dip your toe into Burgundy and Beaujolais. We've also set up some tasting three packs to give a snapshot of what each producer is about.




Domaine Goisot

Guilhem Goisot is one of the rising stars of Burgundy.

Along with his father, the highly-respected Jean-Hughes Goisot, Guilhem is crafting some of the best value wines coming out of Burgundy at the moment. With a heavy focus on biodynamic farming, these wines from lesser-known Burgundian appellations are some of the hottest property in French wine today.

"No one but no one delivers more quality for the price than Goisot."

- Allen Meadows (Burghound)

"… these wines deserve a higher profile and the truth of the matter is that quality is shoulder-to-shoulder with far more famous labels."

- Neal Martin (The Wine Advocate)

The critical acclaim for their wines is absolutely stellar. They are comfortably some of the best value you will find from the region. If you want high-quality white Burgundy that won't destroy your bank account, these wines are a must-try.


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Domaine Dominique Piron

Fourteen generations of Pirons have grown and made wine in Beaujolais, with the latest, Dominique Piron, having a 40 year legacy of producing top-flight wines from the most iconic Crus.

"One of the architects of the revival of Morgon, tackling with boundless energy the expression of wines of terroir, vinified in the pure tradition of Beaujolais..."

- Le Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France

These wines are awesome, pure expressions of the great Crus of the region. This is what Beaujolais is about. The wines are energetic, vibrant and complex. There is some serious Gamay on offer here from a regional icon.

Here you can explore three of the most famous Crus of the region at around $30 a bottle. It's an insanely good offering if you're looking to get into Beaujolais. 
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Domaine de Fa

The Graillot family, one of the most recognisable names in the Rhone Valley, love them some Beaujolais.

After years of drinking and swapping their wares with some of the best producers in Beaujolais, in 2013 the Graillots sought out some land in the north of the region, an area bordering Juliénas and overlooking the town of Saint-Amour.


"Graillot (is) making Beaujolais with the tension and aromatic punch of his syrah-based wines. His Saint-Amour, especially, is one of the best examples of that cru, with savory, sage-like fragrance and silken but powerful fruit.”

- Jon Bonné,


Alain's son, Antoine, spearheads their Beaujolais project, making the wines in a traditional way, using 100% whole bunches and semi-carbonic maceration to attain a classic sense of the region in each glass.

The vineyards are now certified organic and the resulting wines are simply magic. These are powerful, complex, cellar-worthy Beaujolais closer stylistically to the Cote D'Or than slurpy easy-drinking Beaujolais.


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