Alternative Heroes pt.1 - Ravensworth

The Australian wine landscape has changed dramatically over the last few decades.

Where varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay have long reigned supreme, the influx of varieties from countries like Italy or Spain has seen Australian wine become way more interesting and varied.

The popularity of these newer varieties is on a steep incline both with producers and wine-lovers alike.

In this short series of articles, we are highlighting three producers who are champions of emerging varieties.

First up, we turn the spotlight on Bryan Martin and Ravensworth.



Bryan Martin has just released two of his most popular reds: the 2019 versions of Regional Sangiovese and his Spanish-inspired Garnacha Tinto blend.

These wines have been at the core of his range for years now. The Sangiovese may be the best value example of the variety in the country at the moment. It shows ripe black cherry flavours, sweet spices and carries the variety's signature fine, savoury tannins making it a perfect match for a wide array of food.


"They are beautiful, seductive wines that emphasise fragrance and texture. The reds, led by sangiovese (the first wine Martin made for himself), have very gentle tannins."

- Huon Hooke (Gourmet Traveller WINE)

The Garnacha Tinto sees Grenache combine with Tempranillo and Graciano into a joyful, jubey red wine that makes you want to head straight to the nearest Tapas bar. As Bryan describes it, "A juicy little number that hopefully evokes the blue Mediterranean, paella and bullfighting..."

Food is at the centre of much of Bryan's focus as a winemaker so varieties like Sangiovese or the juicy Garnacha blend, that match with so many dishes, have always fascinated him. Over the years, his range has broadened to include Barbera, Nebbiolo, Gamay, and Fiano to compliment his excellent set of Shiraz and Rieslings. Each one sits right alongside the best examples of the varieties in the country.

If you are wondering where is the best place to start to try these varieties, you can't go wrong with Ravensworth.



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