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Where many gave up during harvest 2020, Angus Vinden persisted. And we are so glad he did!

We have a massive suite of new vino on deck from Angus and we are pumped to share these wines with you. They perfectly capture the evolution in Angus style we have been watching for a few years now.


New Arrivals:

- 2017 Vinden Basket Press Shiraz
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Shiraz Nouveau
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Age of Consent Shiraz Gamay
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Charmless Man Alicante Shiraz
- 2020 Vinden Headcase True Faith PF Shiraz
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Blue Monday Semillon
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Bizarre Love Triangle Gewurztraminer
- 2019 Vinden Chardonnay
- 2019 Vinden Verdelho
- 2020 Vinden Headcase Rose


With impending smoke pressure bearing down on him, Gus was forced to pick early for his reds and get them off skins in as little time as possible. It's resulted in the juiciest, and most gluggable release from this young Hunter renegade to date.

These are available in painfully small patches. With whites, rose, skinsy-things and a swag of new super-limited experimental wines, there is something here for everyone. He's already sold out at cellar door. Our allocations are tight. Get in quick!




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