Express Winemakers: Great Value From Great Southern

We've been huge fans of Ryan O'Meara's work for years now. This humble but uber-talented and hard-working winemaker has been on the rise and rise. His most recent set of wines are his best to date, and if you haven't checked out the joyful Express wines, today is your perfect chance.

Express has been a slow build. From 2011, Ryan began assembling a smattering of vineyards across the cool subregions in the south of WA. He covers Frankland River, Mount Barker and Porongurup, now farming each of these leased sites himself.

When he started out his solo project, a few larger commercial wineries in the area scoffed at his idea of farming his grapes organically, the conventional wisdom was that it was too cold and wet to farm without synthetic chemicals. Ryan has proved them wrong emphatically.

"Express Winemakers have been a tearaway project from Great Southern, reimagining a lot of how wine can look from the region."

- Mike Bennie (The Wine Front)


Everything is hand-picked, foot-stomped, fermented with wild yeasts, and bottled with no fining or filtration. Today his colourful range offers a rainbow of different wine styles. All at very affordable prices. Reds, whites, roses ambers and pet nats, all made in bright, smashable styles, with nothing over $30 a bottle. There aren't many producers where you'd find this sort of craftsmanship, care, creativity and downright deliciousness for these sorts of prices.

This new suite of wines we're offering today are amongst Ryan's best wines to date. Not just great drinking, these are some of the best value artisan wines kicking around, and we strongly encourage you to take them for a spin.




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