Express Winemakers: Cracking Value Wines from the West

Looking for great value, organically farmed, creative and delicious vino with awesome packaging?

Well, then you need Express Winemakers in your life, 'coz that's what they are all about.

Ryan O'Meara is the man behind Express Winemakers, part of the exciting crop of young winemakers exploding from the deep south of WA's Great Southern region.

Ryan has spent the years since he started Express in 2011 scoping out great vineyards across the Great Southern, picking up small parcels of fruit that catch his eye.

The idea was to salvage those golden little batches of fruit that were being blended away by bigger companies, get them to bottle with as little intervention as possible, and show the world what gems still lay uncovered in WA wine.



The value this guy packs into a bottle of wine is outrageous.

The wines are set to a "drink-me-immediately" tempo. He's got everything from fresh crisp whites, funky skinsy things, Rosés and some smoking cool-climate reds.

The new releases have all received hot reviews from The Wine Front's Mike Bennie. Bennie even commenting on the:

 "Hugely impressive quality to price index rating on the whole range of Express Winemakers wines."

Get in and check them out, this rising star from the West is on fire at the moment!

Find all of Ryan's insanely smashable wines here!


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