By Farr Flagship Release

Nick Farr is a bonafide superstar in the Australian wine industry and this year marks his magnum opus of releases to date. After the fastest ever sell out of the Sangreal, Farrside and By Farr Chardonnay this year, anticipation for these limited releases has been high.

Named as the 2020 Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the Year, Nick has had a slew of great press over the last 12 months. All well deserved, this is a talented winemaker is at the height of his powers.

Today we bring you his flagship releases. The best of the best from this esteemed family-owned estate.


2019 By Farr Tout Pres Pinot Noir
2019 By Farr R.P Pinot Noir
2020 By Farr G.C. Chardonnay
2020 Farr Rising Pinot Noir

As you might imagine, these are wines of the most elite class in this country. The two Pinot Noirs strut with structure, sinew and sumptuousness. Both will continue to reveal layers of pleasure for many years to come. The G.C. Chardonnay is a glorious display of controlled power and pure decadence. Now firmly ensconced as one of the country's most illustrious Chardonnay wines, the 2020 is another blinding release.

Finally, for those looking for the By Farr Pinot experience at a more humble price, our allocation of the Farr Rising Pinot for this year is here and looks a treat.

Available in only limited supply, the flagships of By Farr are a must for collectors. These wines are destined for great things over the coming years.




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