Artisans of Barossa 2018 Grenache Project

The Grenache Project is a unique and ambitious venture and possibly Australia's deepest exploration of old vine Grenache.

The concept is a simple one: the six producers from the Artisans of Barossa collective each are assigned a single row of Grenache from the same Barossa vineyard then are charged with the task of making a wine that they would want to drink.

“There are all manner of groups and initiatives that have proposed a collective yet individual approach to a winemaking schemata, but by my reckoning none so far where a single vineyard of grenache has been explored through the lens of six, diverse winemakers.”
- Mike Bennie on the 2017 release (The Wine Front, January 2018)

Released as a limited edition six-pack, in these six wines you get a unique opportunity to see not only the voice of the vineyard but the individual thumbprint of each of the winemakers.

And these aren't just any winemakers - the Artisans of Barossa are some of the most respected names in Barossa, and indeed Australian, wine.

The heavy hitters in the collective include:

- Spinifex
- Massena
- Sons of Eden
- John Duval
- Schwarz Wine Co.
- Hobbs of the Barossa Ranges

Last year, the inaugural release from the 2017 vintage was met with huge critical acclaim. The 2018 release has been hotly anticipated.

The pack is now sold out at the Artisans' cellar door - these are some of the last remaining stocks in the country.

Don't miss your opportunity to sample this one of a kind winemaking project.

"Grenache is the grape of the moment, at least in the warmer regions of South Australia… The Artisans of Barossa
Grenache Project is in many ways the
culmination of this obsession."
- Huon Hooke on the 2017 release (The Real Review)




Artisans Grenache Project 2018 Six Pack
$250 delivered

Six of the Barossa's most respect winemakers take on a single vineyard of Grenache with awesome results. Pack includes the six 2018 releases and tasting booklet complete with information from each of the winemakers in limited edition lay-down six-pack box.

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The Producers:



“What we’re doing with The Grenache Project is really bloody important. It’s symbolic of the commitment of artisan winemakers and growers to exhibit the best of their craft and showcase expressions of the region’s ancient soils with a variety so deeply rooted in our viticultural heritage and so clearly suited to this place.” - Pete Schell



Schwarz Wine Co.

“I just make wine from grapes - a practical solution to a farmer’s need to do something with his grapes when they’re ripe and ready for harvest. How I express my approach to winemaking may not be as polished as others, but I prefer people to taste and appreciate my wines as honest expressions of a farmer’s produce and to just see me as an everyday bloke that turns grapes into wine for a living.” - Jason Schwarz



Massena Wines

“I’ve always believed that wine shouldn’t be overcomplicated – after all, we’re not saving lives, we’re just making a great drink! Each and every wine I make celebrates that ideal, and when it comes to Grenache I want to smell and taste a big hit of juicy fruitiness up front, followed by gentle tannins and refreshing acidity for structure and balance. Grenache grown in the Barossa fits the bill perfectly for these styles of wine.” - Jaysen Collins



 Sons Of Eden

“With 18 years under the belt making Barossa Grenache wines for Sons of Eden, I’ve learned one thing. To make great Grenache, you need fruit of great flavour concentration and intensity, and you only get from the best vineyards. Simon’s call on the Kylie’s Garden Vineyard at Stockwell was a great one, and the wines we’ve made are fantastic examples of what is so good about Barossa Grenache.” - Corey Ryan



John Duval Wines

“’JD’ and I love Grenache for its drinkability – that fine balance between medium palate weight and flavour intensity that good Grenache can show. As a drink, Grenache will compliment just about anything you want to eat with it… for me, it would be pan-fried Shanghai style pork dumplings. The crunchy, chewy, salty and fatty textures and flavours go so well with the sweet, spicy red fruits of Barossa Grenache.” - Tim Duval



Hobbs of the Barossa Ranges

“Our approach to The Grenache Project has always been to see how far we can push the boundaries of flavour concentration, without losing the innate character and appeal of the variety, or compromise balance, texture and freshness required of any good Grenache wine. It’s the approach we take to making our Hobbs of Barossa Ranges wines, and we feel it works equally as well with Grenache.” - Greg Hobbs


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To get a little more info on the project and get some insight from each of the producers, check out this great clip produced by the Artisans of Barossa collective. Watch the clip...



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