2021 Giant Steps Single Vineyard Release: One of Yarra Valley's Finest

Today we are so excited to bring you the exquisite 2021 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from Steve Flamsteed and Mel Chester at Giant Steps.

It's an incredible suite of wines from one of the premier wine labels in Australia. We have four Pinot Noirs and five Chardonnays on offer in very limited quantities. Given the early (very) high scores on some of these wines and their shortlisting for Halliday Wine Companion's prestigious Winery of the Year Award, these will likely not last long.

Giant Steps enters a new era this year with Mel Chester taking up the position as Head of Winemaking and Viticulture. It's an exciting changing of the guard at this lauded Yarra Valley institution. The 2021 harvest was before Mel's time, however she was influential in bringing these wines together on the blending bench along with Steve Flamsteed and the rest of the Giant Steps winemaking team.

The Giant Steps crew are ecstatic with the 2021s. From our perspective, we believe it to be the most impressive lineup of 2021 Yarra Valley wines we've seen to date.


"If I had to describe the 2021 wines in one word, it would be "balance". You don't get that every year in the Yarra. We did in 2017, 2015 even 2012 but 2021 smokes them all for me..."
Steve Flamsteed at the 2021 Single Vineyard launch


The rockstar is the incredible 2021 Applejack Pinot Noir that earned itself a massive 98 points from the Halliday Wine Companion. It's powerful, savoury and incredibly complete for such a young, wine. Arguably the best 2021 Yarra Pinot we've tasted to date.

On the Chardonnay end, 2021 Sexton Vineyard got a similarly stellar 97 points from the Halliday Wine Companion, so you just know it's in incredible form this year. Finding the opulence of a lower altitude vineyard in combination with the finesse of a cooler vintage - it's a stunning wine amongst the best examples you will see in the region.

As you tour these single vineyards up the Yarra to the cooler reaches of Wombat Creek and Primavera, the wines become finer, more detailed and speak in a more sotto voce voice. However, the quality of each vineyard offering never wavers. These are masterfully crafted wines from impeccably farmed sites - it's our absolute pleasure to be able to offer you the full collection of these wines today.

Sadly, the demand for these wines has gone through the roof in recent years and our allocations become more precious with every release. With 2021 heralded as one of the best vintages in a decade or more, they will likely fly.

Secure some for yourself while you can! 


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