2019 Timo Mayer Release

Timo Mayer is one of the most colourful characters in the Yarra Valley.

This German-born ruffian runs his winery with an adherence to a single creed, "Bring back the Funk!".

Timo has his own small plot of vines on the evocatively named 'Bloody Hill' where he farms mostly close-planted Pinot Noir, Syrah, and a little Chardonnay, however with his connections around the Valley, he regularly finds himself in possession of a motley crew of emerging varieties as well.

The wines have a wildness, an attack, that is unique amongst his contemporaries. Timo uses whole bunch ferment to the most extreme levels - a technique that adds structure, spice, and as Timo puts it, "FUNK!" to the wines. While it's typical to see this applied to Pinot Noir, and even Syrah now, Timo ferments Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese, and even Nebbiolo as 100% whole bunches. Madness!

The wines are light in frame yet explosive and really jump out of the glass at you.

His 2019 Yarra Valley releases are on fire. The low-yielding season producing wines with plenty of tannin and definition, yet glorious freshness also. On top of that, we also have managed to secure, for the first time, a small allocation of Timo's German reds, the spicy Dr. Mayer Remstal Pinot Noir and his joyful little Trollinger.

Unfortunately, these wines have never been more popular, sought-after and in short supply, and, though we say this every year it's never been truer that allocations are extremely limited.

If you want access to his latest release, now is your chance.




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