Alex Head's 2016 Releases - Best Yet?

If you haven't ever had the pleasure of sampling the wines of Alex Head, you've been missing some of the Barossa Valley's most profound and authentic wines.

Armed with a degree in biochemistry from Sydney University in 1997, Alex began his journey into the wine world.

He found his way into fine wine retail where his love for old vine wines from the Barossa Valley first bloomed.

When he discovered the beauty of the famous Syrah wines of Cote Rotiê in France's Rhone Valley, his mission to shape wines from ancient Barossan vineyards with an old world charm began in earnest.

He made huge waves with his debut release in 2006, using more stalks in his ferments, opting for larger format oak, not fining or filtering.

His wines showed more art than artifice which was against the status quo of the region at the time.

Today we offer you his outstanding 2016 releases. A decade of winemaking in the Barossa and a faultless growing season converging in arguably Heady's best release to date.


2016 Head Wines Barossa Shiraz Masterclass Pack 



Alex has worked with the same Shiraz vineyards for the last 13 years. His signature series of single vineyard releases from Stonewell (Blonde), Moppa (Brunette) and Krondorf (Contrarian) are considered some of the finest and most cellar-worthy Shiraz in the region.

With Grenache, he was hugely influential in shaping the modern winemaking approach to the variety. He was the first to use large foudre to ferment and age Grenache and ahead of the curve in the move to pick earlier, looking for more freshness and spice than soupy over-ripe fruit.

Today he is a benchmark producer of the region. Much of what Alex has championed in Barossa winemaking has rippled out into the next generation of producers.

His 2016s look as good as anything we've seen from him and the critics agree with huge reviews coming through for all the top-line releases.

These wines are built for the long haul.


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